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Location of Malawi in Africa

Welcome to Livestock in Malawi

Objective: to make information and data on livestock in Malawi easier to access

Primary targets: animal and veterinary science students | farmers

CD3WD status

The cd3wd Project website is no longer accessible online, but most of the resources can still be downloaded through peer-to-peer sharing. Needless to say, there is no guarantee that these resources will remain accessible forever, so now may be the best time to download them. For more information, check this reddit thread. The list of torrents that are still alive can be found here and here

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LUANAR: Admission / Animal Science / Moodle  


CAST: Computer-Assisted Statistics Textbooks. It consists of a collection of electronic textbooks (e-books). Three e-books cover material in introductory statistical methods.


iLINOVA: Innovation for the Livestock Industry. 

InCIP: The indigenous Chicken Improvement Programme.

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Livestock figures

Industry overview

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Animal Science

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