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This site is a result of my inquisitiveness about the internet, dating back to my sophomore year. Originally called "Animal World", the site was a hobby then, but over the years, I realised that it could be used to advance the interests of the livestock industry in Malawi.

Why this site?

This site has been developed to fill the gap that exists in the livestock industry in Malawi in terms of information. My mission is to make the site a place where one can find information about almost anything concerning livestock in Malawi.

User Rights and Privacy

You can access all the material accessible to all users in this website. Acknowledgement for material from third parties must be forwarded to them as indicated in the content. Use of violent, offensive or sexually explicit language in this site is strictly prohibited, and in line with Malawi Laws, you may be liable to prosecution if the language you use infringes on other people's rights or privacy.

I will take great care not collect your personal information except when it is extremely necessary, and then, I will do my best to ensure that such information is not shared with third parties.


Contact me for any comments or queries.

© Wilson Nandolo


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