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Why this site?

This site is a result of my inquisitiveness about the internet, dating back to my sophomore year in 2005 at Bunda College of Agriculture (now Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources), Lilongwe, Malawi. Originally called "Animal World", the site was a hobby then, but over the years, I realised that it could be used to advance the interests of the livestock industry in Malawi.

The site has been developed to fill the gap that exists in the livestock industry in Malawi in terms of information. My mission is to make the site a place where one can find information about almost anything concerning the livestock industry in Malawi.

I would appreciate it if you aknowledge local content downloaded from this site, especially if you use the content for commercial or academic purposes. Most of the content is not local, so I would like to remind you to duly acknowledge the respective authors.

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